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Welcome in Rijswijk!

We are delighted to welcome you to your new home, Rijswijk. You probably will need some practical information. On this English site we try to provide the basic information you need to know. You can also download our Practical guide for newcomers.

About Rijswijk

Rijswijk offers employment to some 38000 people, and the 48000 local inhabitants enjoy a high standard of living. Rijswijk also has a lot to offer people in their spare time: there are numerous sporting and cultural activities for enthusiasts, or you can simply enjoy a stroll in the local parks and estates.


The businesses located in the industrial parks (Plaspoelpolder, Hoornwijck, Broekpolder and near the General Eisenhouwerplein) provide employment for people from the locality and the wider surroundings.

Living and education

If you’re looking to settle in Rijswijk, there is a wide choice of accommodation to choose from. The nine districts that make up Rijswijk have a have a broad range of different kinds of accommodation, from ultra-modern to historic. The old centre of Rijswijk is particularly attractive. Education facilities are varied and cover primary, secondary, higher and denominational education.

Leisure time

Rijswijk is well known for its recreational facilities. You can join one of the hundred sports clubs, enjoy a theatre performance, or develop your talents in the music centre, or take dancing lessons. Needless to say, you can also go shopping in the modern shopping centre “In de Bogaard”. Furthermore Rijswijk has much to offer people who enjoy cycling or going for walks. Enjoy the green environment of the local estates – Te Werve, Steenvoorde and Overvoorde. The Julianapark, Von Fisennepark and the Wilhelminapark are oases of peace and quiet.


Rijswijk is situated in the heart of a very densely populated area of the Netherlands known as the ‘Randstad’. This means that Rijswijk is easily accessible by road with the A4 and A13 motorways close by. Public transport (train, tram and bus) is also easily accessible. For example, tram number 17 goes by way of Rijswijk from the Statenkwartier in The Hague to the terminus in Wateringseveld.

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